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At Partner for Impact, we don’t believe in “one size, fits all” solutions. Your organization’s experience is influenced by your employees, your organizational values and culture, your policies, internal behaviors, and leadership styles. From consulting to training, we specialize in providing evidenced-based DEIB solutions designed according to your needs.

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How diverse is your organization? What inclusion gaps exist within your company? What competencies are missing among your staff? Where should you start?

If you have these questions, we can help. With our diagnostics, you will know exactly where you can begin. We offer confidential, analytic tools and interviews to explore the DEIB gaps in your organization. Our team will gather the data, perform the analysis, present the findings and needs uncovered, recommend strategic priorities, and suggest performance metrics to measure your impact.

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Need to build competency among your staff? Are you looking to establish foundational inclusion knowledge in your organization? Do you need something more in-depth?

We offer training that is tailored for various audiences and is designed to assist businesses like yours in proactively fostering inclusion at all levels. Our training process includes blended Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion learning curves developed to help employees integrate inclusion into their daily work.

Let our trusted trainershelp your company build skills, increase knowledge and awareness, and engage your employees in a stimulating learning environment.

Trainings Offered:


  • Psychological Safety in the Workplace
  • Inclusive Communication and Behaviors
  • Introduction to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging
  • Measuring Performance: Using Data to Manage DEI
  • Team Alignment
  • Gender Identity
  • Custom training is available upon request

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How can we continuously support our leaders and managers through change and challenges?What could help them grow in their leadership? How can we support employees at all levels?

One-on-one coaching gives your employees – at every level – a confidential, safe space to think through their challenges, frustrations, burnout, doubts, and limiting beliefs blocking their path. Partner for Impact coaches are professionally trained, certified andexperienced to provide mental, strategic, and emotional support to those who need it most. Our coaching specialties include inclusive leadership coaching, coaching for first generation professionals, and conflict mediation.

Let us pair you with a coach or provide a few for your employees.



Perhaps you feel your organization needs full support from start to finish. We are equipped to partner with you every step of the way. From assessment, to strategy implementation, and reassessment, our consulting team brings our best thinking, research, and resources to the table to support your objectives.

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Why Partner for Impact


As a company, our defining ethos is about doing the impactful, not the unnecessary. We ask: what is actually happening here? What is needed? Who is at-risk? What could shift these issues in an upward direction? What solutions would offer the greatest value?

With these questions, we seek to help companies uncover issues impacting their employees, productivity, work culture, morale, decision-making, and business performance. Then, we collaborate to design and implement solutions that make a difference. That’s it.

With each prospect, our goal is to find where we align and whether we can genuinely support their needs. If we aren’t a good fit, we happily connect prospects with other service providers who might be. For our clients, we work with them to provide intentional, data-driven, and quality services.

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